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The Nahman Group is engaged in the initiation, development, and engineering management of real estate projects in the residential, hotel, commerce, and office space. The Group is built as a corporation of private companies, the scope of which is estimated to include hundreds of residential units and thousands of square meters of office and commerce space.

The family group was founded by Haim Nachman, who has over 15 years of experience in real estate planning and execution, and it is considered one of the most robust and reliable groups in the real estate industry, following the completion of dozens of notable projects in Israel and the United States.

The Baron Hirsch Project, Ramat Aviv

A luxurious residential complex designed in the heart of green spaces of Ramat Aviv. The complex offers a unique combination of Tel Aviv urban living experience, the pastoral tranquility typical of the old neighborhoods, and the community surrounding.

The project includes four new 7.5-story residential buildings with 160 apartments of 3, 4, and 5 rooms, garden apartments, and prestigious penthouses.

All apartments are decorated to a very high and exclusive standard of living, with balconies and high ceilings.

Architect: Bar Orian Architects

HaShuk St., Tel Aviv

In the heart of Florentine – the renovated Tel Aviv neighborhood, just a few minutes walk from the Levinsky market and picturesque Rothschild Boulevard, a new, young and exclusive residential project built with a contemporary and inspiring design.

The project includes a boutique building of 20 designer apartments as well as a commercial center that integrate into a variety of cafes, galleries, and designer stores in the area.

Architect: Maoz Price Architects

The Alma Hotel Tel Aviv

The Alma Hotel was completed in 2010 after an expensive and lengthy process of conservation, renovation, and design. Set in a historic building from 1925, the hotel has become a luxurious boutique hotel that has won prestigious international design and culinary awards over the years, including recognition from Trip Advisor and the American travel magazine Travel + Leisure, which rated it among the top 70 hotels in the world.

The hotel covers an area of 1,500 square meters on three floors and includes standard rooms and suites of 40 square meters, designed in a unique and with meticulous style.

Architect: Amnon Bar-Or

Photo: Itai Sikolski

Beit Gavriel, a senior care home in Kiryat Gat

Beit Gavriel is a senior care home that was built for the elderly, located in the heart of Kiryat Gat.

The building, which includes four different departments, is built to the highest standards to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

The facility covers an area of 15,000 square meters and includes a pleasant public area that is accessible for the residents and their families. Each of the departments has a private garden area that the residents use daily.

Architect: Mecilaty Architects

Holmes Place Be'er Sheva

The fitness club in Be'er Sheva was an investment of $5 million and covers an area of more than 3,400 square meters on two levels. The club includes a quality gym, including studio rooms, a semi-Olympic pool with a Jacuzzi, change rooms, and saunas.

Ashkelon Commercial Center - Fitness and Supermarket

Covering an area of 5,000 square meters, in the Barnea-North neighborhood of Ashkelon, a commercial complex was established for retail chains and fitness facilities. The Barnea neighborhood is considered a prestigious in the city and is populated by residents of a high socio-economic class, including young families who constitute purchasing power and essential consumption. The complex was built to high standards and it compliments the surrounding landscape.

Medical Clinics, 43 Brodetsky Street, Ramat Aviv

In the heart of the very desirable neighborhood, Ramat Aviv, adjacent to the main arteries of Gush Dan, and, adjacent to a flourishing shopping mall, 5,000 square meters of buildings, which include medical centers and private clinics that have been meticulously designed for patients and employees. The project is expected to expand to an additional 10,000 square meters.

Sky-Blue Mall, The Dead Sea

At the center of Ein Bokek beach, at the Dead Sea, on a commercial construction area, a shopping mall was established that serves the many tourists who arrive at the lowest place in the world. The complex includes many shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as a spacious parking lot for the convenience of customers and employees.

Future Projects - Demolish-Rebuild


In the prestigious and green neighborhood of Tzahala, a project will be built within the framework of "demolish-rebuild," which will include the demolition of existing homes and the construction of two new buildings with 5.5 floors and 34 housing units. The buildings will be characterized by 'green' construction and high-standard finishes, corresponding with the environment in which they are located, as each building will include underground parking for its residents.

Aliyat ha-No'ar, Tel Aviv

Two, eighteen-floor towers will be built on the seam between Tel Aviv and Givatayim, an excellent location. The project is part of a demolish-rebuild plan, with 180 new apartments to be constructed with a high standard of living. The area is considered very desirable, close to excellent educational facilities and attracts young families who wish to enjoy a quiet residential experience, but close to the centers of employment and entertainment of Israel.

Bat Yam

Bat Yam, the city on the coast, is undergoing a massive process of urban renewal projects that are giving it high real estate demand. The project will include three 10-story buildings and another 30-story tower. The towers, which will be of the tallest in the area, will be characterized by a luxurious finish including a beautiful lobby area and 271 apartments with exclusive penthouses boasting panoramic views.

The Meir Herman St. Project, Ness Ziona

The planned project will be built as a demolish-rebuild project, in which the existing buildings will be demolished and replaced with new buildings of a higher standard and quality than their predecessors. They will include a luxurious lobby, 120 apartments, and external landscape development that correlates with the surrounding area. The buildings will be built using green construction techniques, which will reduce the costs of ongoing maintenance and operation. Also, each building will include underground parking for its residents.

Architect: Shmulevich-Mano Architects

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